METRO newspaper: Mum of woman brain damaged by dad not allowed access to £500,000 compensation held in Trust


The mum of a severely-disabled woman has been barred from buying her a home of her own with a £500,000 trust fund – because she would benefit personally.


A young woman was awarded compensation by the Ministry of Justice-run Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) in 2007. The award was deposited into a trust and her mum found out that the terms of the settlement list her as an ‘excluded person’ when she tried to access the money. This means according to the terms of the trust, the Trustees cannot release purchase to purchase a house for instance if mum is to benefit in any way.


Neil Sugarman of GLP Solicitors has represented a number of people affected by CICA rulings and is a Trustee of numerous CICA compensation Trusts. He is quoted in the Metro saying: ‘It is disappointing the constraints of CICA can somehow prevent the award of compensation designed to improve the quality of life of the injured victim.’


As specialist Trust lawyers we can advise Trustees and beneficiaries on a variety of complex trust issues.


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